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I have been Writing a lot for Dreamtalia, LOL. Here is another Shadow!Italy x Reader. This one is after an art picture I saw by SakuraIchigo15 called Loneliness. I hope You all like, I Don't Own Dreamtalia!


Why must I suffer alone in this place? They say there is someone out there for everyone. I am starting to doubt that.

Why must I be stuck in a place so pretty, but without anyone? I sighed and stared at the beauty unfold in front of me. All I want is someone who understands me for me. 

Why do people take me for a evil Dream Reaper? Do they every see me as a lonely person? I could feel tears try to surface in my eyes. No! I shall not cry. Right?

I couldn't try to sleep it off. No duh, I'm in a dream. I closed my eyes anyway. If I could have one wish.....

I would want someone to share this with.


Pain inflicted your body, then it was quiet. You open your eyes to the bright lights, where are you? I slowly got up and winced in pain. You gripped your chest, only to see dried blood!

Your (e/c) eyes widen, what happen to you? You looked around franticly, your (h/l) hair moved around with you. This doesn't feel like heaven....nor hell. Then where is this place?

Are you even dead?

Slowly you got up, then paused before pushing onward. What happen? You tried to remember, but nothing came up. Just pain and screams of a car tires. Your memory was fuzzy after that.

You could remember your name, and everything else. But that one thing, on how you got here, is just gone. You sighed, maybe this place can give you answers? You walked into the forest, lightening bugs lit up the place.

You were awed by the beauty of this place. It looks like it came out of a dream, or a dream of a dream. You heard something, you crouched behind a bush and peered over it. A guy? Where have you seen him before? He look familiar......?

He had light brown hair and had a dark thing over the right side of his face. His arm was the same, one was normal with the light blue sleeve, and the other was dark with claw like attributes. Kind of reminded you of Kingdom Hearts Heartless. Was he a Heartless?

He looked asleep, hm? You walked up to him, his eyes were closed and he was breathing cutely. Upon closer inspection he had a shadowy curl that suck out of his hair locks. And pale skin.

You thought he looked scary yet cute. He looks so familiar, where have you seen him before. Your hand moved on it's own and lightly brushed his face. His eyes open wide. His hand quickly gripped your arm.

You looked afraid now, he was awake and looked like he could kill you. You whimpered in fear. His electric blue eye widen at the sound. His pale eye shone on your face.

He let go softly and looked at you. As if examining you? He smiled lightly, the sharp teeth scared you a bit. Who was he?

"Sorry I scared you Bella." he said cutely, was this a trick? You nodded quickly, you didn't know what to say. He seemed to sense your fear.

"My name is Shadow Italy, but you can call me Italy." your (e/c) eyes widen, you remembered reading Dreamtalia from Deviantart. You gulped softly, he was real!

You remembered reading stories about him. He was evil! A Dream Reaper! Did he bring you here? No he looked just a confused as you. He gave you a frown, as if reading your mind.

You seemed confused now. Why is he not hurting you? Is he trying to trick you? It seemed a little odd, he seemed nice. You relax a little bit, the look of hurt on his face.

"Am I really evil?" he asked you, now this was weird. He was being nice to you, but why?

"A-according to some Dreamtalia fan you a-are." you stuttered lightly, he frowned even deeper. What is with him? You thought he'd be dark, evil, and scary. He is actually kind of......sweet?

"Oh?" he breathed out, his voice sounded just like Italy's. And your just now noticing that? You nodded lightly, but not with fear. You seemed to be confused by his actions.

"And what are you doing here?" he asked you, wait he didn't bring you here? You shrugged.

"Didn't you bring me here?" he smiled and laughed lightly. Shook his head with a giggle, you blushed lightly.

"No, not that I know of." he confessed, so how did you get here? He looked at the dried blood on your chest, then tilled his head.

"Looks like you got hurt. Looks deadly also." you eyes widen, deadly? Your eyes widen at the word, the sound of screams reached your ears. But nothing else.

"I really have no idea why that is there. In truth I don't remember." you told him, he raised an eye brow. Then moved forward to you. You took a step back, he pouted lightly and moved in front of you.

"Well lets see if I can help you there." he said and his dark hand touched your (s/c) skin. His other hand ran through you (h/c) hair and relaxed you. Then pain shot through you.


December was really cold. You walked passed the people to get to school. You looked at the sign, it said it was safe to walk. Home was never really home, your parents hated you. You looked to the left and right then went to walk across.

You hated your home, school was better then anywhere else on this place. That and what you read online. From what you read the dream world was better then anything.

The only reason you parents keep you alive; was because then need something to get their anger out on. You sighed and was about to get to the other side. Someone screamed out to you. tires screamed beside you.

A truck slipped on ice and was barreling to you. Your eyes widen, then it was black.


"She is in a coma, and we don't know when she will wake up. You mother faked crying, your father comfort her.

"If she doesn't wake up soon, her injures will kill her." the doctor told them. You stared at your sleep body, you were dyeing!

In a flash you and Shadow!Italy was in the room. You sleep soundlessly, he knew now what happen.

"Wow, is a brutal way to be in a coma." he was normally to put people in comas. You stared at the monitor.


Your heart rate was normal. You looked calm and peaceful, you mom was gripping your hand. She looked angry at you.

"*Censored* (Name) why do you have to be such a idiot." she whispered, you looked away form her. Shadow!Italy gripped your shoulder, you looked at him. He smiled at you sweetly.

Was he really evil? You questioned yourself, he seemed to be cute and sweet.

"Why did you help me?" you asked him, he looked away. Was he blushing?

"I just thought you need-" he was cut off as your lips met his. He froze, then closed his eyes. After a few moments you parted.

"Thank you." you told him, he smiled at you in a daze. You never once felt loved, so this is love? You looked at him, he cared about you. Even though you first meet, you never knew that kind of kindness.

You have a chance to go back to reality. Will you take it? He looked at you, knowing this was goodbye. You were only in a coma, if you put yourself back into your can never come back.

"Well, (Name). Is this goodbye?" he asked you, sadness fell upon your heart. You didn't want to leave him. You felt like there was a reason you felt like you were meant to meet him.

Why? Maybe you were because, he was the help you have been waiting for. A chance to have someone care about you. Like the wish you made a long time ago.

Tears fell down your face, you hated it here. Your only ten and they treat you like nothing. Your not a doll! Your a human being!

But each day they treated you like a doll. You only wanted to have someone who cares about you. You closed your eyes. And looked outside into the night sky. One tiny star shined out.

You sighed, and looked at it. Then closed your eyes.

"Please, let me find someone who will love me for me." you whispered, but it will never come true. You curled up to bed, and closed your eyes.


You looked at him, you made that wish over nine years ago. Now your here, and this man. Italy....Shadow!Italy showed you kindness. You knew that this was meant to happen.

Besides, if you went back. It would just be the same torment. You watched him turn around to walk away. Then gripped his shadow hand. He turned around in shock, you smiled at him.

"No this is not goodbye." you told him, his eyes were wide. Then he smiled, and pulled you close to him. His breathing hitting you head, ruffled your hair lightly.

"But, you may wake up." he said in a sad tone, you made a thinking face. Your mom left you alone after hearing your father call for you. You walked up to a cart of needles.

Shadow!Italy tilled his head in confusion. You picked up a needle, oddly enough you did pick up something, that read poison. You looked at him, he smiled sadly. You were going to kill yourself.

You walked up to your body and gripped your wrist. Then stabbed the needle in your veins, pain hit you then ebbed away.


Your heart stopped beating. You quickly threw away the needle as the doctors rushed in there.

Your mother cried into your shirt, you knew it was fake. Your father looked at the doctor, he shook his head.

Shadow!Italy was surprised you did something like that. You turned to him and smiled.

"Now I won't." you told him, he smiled, then held out his hand for you. Then spoke in a Italy's voice.

"Vee~ Want to come with me~?" you giggled and gripped the hand, then disappeared in the dream world.


Fireflies circled around a man and you. You rested your head onto his chest, his breaths sounded like a heart beat. All and all, he really wasn't evil. You knew this now, his arms warped around your waist.

Your both got your wish. Neither of you was alone now. It was truly a Happily Ever After.


I hope It wasn't rushed, but I tried my best. Most say he is misunderstood. I hope you liked it. I will be taking all my oneshots and posting them up on my fanfiction. Forestspirit Of Thunderclan. Hope you liked!




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Terrencethetitan Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015
Now people will think my parents killed me. YUSH! *Walks off with Reve*
TheCosplayerMoka Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I loved it :D - claps -
SakuraIchigo15 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Student General Artist
:iconembarrasedplz: I'm surprised my art could inspire something this lovely. I really enjoyed it~ It had quite a bit of angst, however, it was really cute and I really enjoyed how it ended. >u< Wonderful job~<3333
JadeSpeedster17 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
THANK YOU! I was looking at the art work and it sort of came to mid. I was reading the comments on my other one. Where he was evil. But then I looked at your art work and reread how people said he was misunderstood.
Well this came to mind, I had to write it. Otherwise it would have haunted me ^^;
But I am glad you liked it!
Laurranis Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Absolutely fantastic~ i love it~
SomeOrdinaryArtists Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconbravoplz: its so cute!!!! i love it!!!
FleetSheetInc Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This was awesome. ;v;
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